donez scenarii

Ca regizor nu am posibilitatea sa fac film, asa ca imi donez scenariile oricarui interesat de filme exploitation, low-budget, experimental.
Le donez pentru a putea sa scriu in continuare si pentru a nu mai fi obsedat de ele si de imposibilitatea de a le face.
Si nu numai atit, ci voi participa si cu bani la realizarea lor. In caz ca este nevoie.

Lung Metraj:
Linear A

Scurt Metraj:
Prea Dimineata
Camera Mica
Joi Seara
Vagonul 11

about meaning by a communist

“In Gramsci’s view, all meaning derives from the relation between human practical activity (or “praxis") and the “objective" historical and social processes of which it is a part. Ideas cannot be understood outside their social and historical context, apart from their function and origin. The concepts by which we organise our knowledge of the world do not derive primarily from our relation to things (to an objective reality), but rather from the social relations between the users of those concepts. As a result, there is no such thing as an unchanging “human nature". Furthermore, philosophy and science do not “reflect" a reality independent of man. Rather, a theory can be said to be “true" when, in any given historical situation, it expresses the real developmental trend of that situation.”