The Greater Secret

It is not enough merely to look into the space of happiness or sadness; it is important to have pure presence constant in that flow. If the power of meditation is not constant, it is impossible to remain long in the place of nondual perception. Thoughts that arise intermittently will break the continuity, and radiating out from this, like ripples on a pond, the poisonous taste of emotion will arise to obstruct the meditation. As gross thoughts increase, ripples become rough waves that intensify the emotion. Until subtle emotions are left behind, we cannot eradicate suffering, so it is crucially important to sustain the state of meditation. When we gain strong familiarity by staying in that space for a long time, then no matter what thoughts arise, whether gross or subtle, they will not be able to dislodge us: upon recognizing the first thought, whatever thought it may be, in that very moment, we realize it to be the play of the spontaneous creativity of dharmakaya. Like a wave falling back into the ocean, the thought vanishes into the dharmakaya. In that space of naked empty pure presence that is the view, always cherishing thoughts of the five poisonous emotions and all the movements of body, speech, and mind, and the acts of eating, sleeping, moving, and sitting, we are known as the yogins and yoginis who stand guard over the shifting dharmakaya display. This is the supreme method of sustaining the essence of meditation. According to Dzogchen teaching, this is unadulterated by any kind of focus; it is called ‘the great meditation that is nonmeditation.’
The Great Secret of Mind: Special Instructions on the Nonduality of Dzogchen, by Tulku Pema Rigtsal, translated by Keith Dowman, pages 154–155

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"Ar fi foarte ușor să privești filmul prin ochii unei disfuncții relaționale la nivel de societate. Însă puterea filmului e de a pune cap la cap prin mijloacele cele mai modeste o poezie urbană, strict bucureșteană, a omului aliniat cinci zile pe săptămână, și restul de două alienat de propriile dorințe..."

FILM: Dormi Trezește-te (r. Andrei Ștefănescu, România, 2012) : © Bogdan / Blogul cu Filme

Sleeping Awake While Reading the World

a beautiful interview with our producer Anda, about the film and our future projects

”Sleep Awake” has hunted the virtual space since its completion, in 2012. Sensorial, visceral disturbing as ghosts usually are. They said it was a movie about the living silence around us. About the fight between our fears and desires. Some attended the screenings in a few artsy bars/clubs in Bucharest. Some loved it. Some hated it. Nobody left without a reaction....

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