There are no hierarchies but only cycles - Seasons.
Can I do something that is not myself?
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me, mine, myself

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the world is not a human's world
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One Line Dialogue


111. knowledge is like a virus. dead until it meets being, where, if activated it, starts to breathe life and become organic. Thus the form of being is made out of organic knowledge.
110. creation is part of being, knowledge is not.
109. knowledge is slower than being
108. It can not be known what 'I am' for what 'I am' lays outside knowledge
107. Freedom is possible only in a state of Beforeness
106. being precedes meaning


104. where people create only children artists create emotions. artists and art lovers are Emotion Junkies. normal people are afraid of emotions. they love objects and pleasure. they never get bored with food and work. they live life like a duty.
103. art is an ongoing road toward honesty. is my honesty similar to yours?
84. human nature
83. the street is my world. my job and my home is my world. my family is my world. internet and television is my world. my mind and my being is my world. my dreams is my world
78. other... me. you.
me-you. other. me-him through you. me/my. other. them. all. me. you. him. him. you. both. they. me. they. you. me-them. we. me-them. you. me-them. them. me-them. me. them. them. all
77. struggling for the world. renouncing the world. my world. me-world. 71. What is this?
70. Buddha forgot about his enlightenment. He knew it happened but he couldn't remember how it was.

69. death is the center of life.

68. what life?

67. truth is traveling only through silence

66. why do they want to become smart?
happiness, threat, fragility, death, truth, power, reality, wisdom...
65. Intre oglinzi paralele. I am looking for someone to reflect my soul into. A living mirror. A mirror in need of reflecting itself in mirror.
I feel that every one thing that I do affects. changes. all the world. all human kind - reaction - fear. of doing. without knowing. without being the world.
63. If you repeat a joke many times it stops being funny. This is the case with all Enjoyment. Creation. Love. But does it work with Pain, with Fear, with Repression?
62. Fear is my sixth sense. educated in the same manner as all others.
61. Being inthe unknown in tranquil mind. without knowing.
60. Why knowing? the meaning? the truth? Would you obey it? Would it transform you? into a pure being? Would it kill or let free your life force?
59. is it all becoming, or there is also truth?
58. A minute, a year, 26 years, 53 years, 18 years, 12 seconds, an hour and a half. I do not know what time is. I do not understand distance. I do not understand effort. I do not understand life... or death. Is this becoming? Could it be truth?
57. humorless depression
56. non-being
55. my/me. virtual; mirrored; desired; unreal - impossible; selves. in tribalism. solipsistic.
54. I found myself searching for the source (of (things)). With no interest in the things themselves. Maybe an inborn instinct.
love, other, city, life, god, pain, anger, lust, greed, fear, hunger.

thought, desire, deed, duty, dream, knowledge, peace, breath.

organic, divine, logic, thrilling, tension, culture, release, waves.
all, nothing, me, mine, myself, illusion, truth
knowing, understanding, being

53. the senses do not lie. the dreams do not lie.
52. the thoughts do, the meanings do, the motives do
51. I believe in the spirituality of sensual love
50. ghost; emotion; reaction; word; meaning.
49. all comes from the truth. all originates in the truth. the men's skill of imitation, transforms truth in empty shell.
48. becoming. light bulb
45. belief
44. there is only love. openness. nothingness in nothingness. communion. fire into fire. water into water. air into air. earth into earth. peace.
29. sublimation
28. syllogism and magic
24. being vs. knowing
23. I've forgot how I feel myself.
19. life is not about emotional gymnastics.
14. human being - means playing games
01. all that arises, passes away...