Thank You

Thank you all that made our projects possible. By remembering your presence in our projects and the things you've done, make me so overwhelmed by gratitude and amazement that so many lifes and souls, so many emotions and ideas have lived and united in QualiaFilm's videos, videos that doesn't promise you anything precise, nothing useful, nothing to be proud of. And still all of you had something to take away with you from these experiences and that is the most beautiful thing in the world. People that live for life itself and explore it as such a magnificent Jewel it is.
Thank you with all my hear.
Andrei Stefanescu


Alexandru Dorobantu - Ate - raised our production value of Sleep Awake by 300%
Gin - helped us with his place and his group of beautiful people, and made us meet our awesome DOP
Vlasti Milanovici - a counseling producer that showed us how to resolve some of our production problems
Dragos Butca - photographer and engineer with an amazing eye
Anda Petrache - an amazing UPM that made possible MENO and Sleep Awake
Ana Draghici - a crazy beautiful DOP tha helped us with MENO and also keep us going with her understanding and openness to our weird projects
Maria Mora - finding us a great place to preproduce Sleep Awake, at Gin's
Miriam Rizea - actrice
Radu Craciun - actor
Valentina Chirita - performer
Catalin Jugravu - actor
Alina Badea - actrice
Bogdan Draganescu - performer
Alexandra Burda - visual artist
Andreea Belu - dancer
Katia Catana - dancer

Cristian Vasilica - actor

Flavia Cioceanu - amateur actor, cinephile and great spirit


Thank You :

Andrei Badoiu - friend and chemist, helped us with money for our projects
Ion Dumitrescu - bought our Sleep Awake DVD through Paypal

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