Qualiafilm is a videoart project initiated by Stefanescu Andrei,
a project that explores image and moving image as a probe into questions of intuitive reality. Questions of perceived reality and fiction. Meta-fiction. Beauty as necessity, nature, ideal or just convention. Social contract. Moral boundaries. Nothingness.
Image is an intuitive language that can empathize with others outside ideas. Outside concepts, languages.
Image is mirror, what we feel and see in it shows us more than the ones in the mirror.

For questions about how to see our films or be apart of our projects
please, write to us at qualia.film at gmail.com

Andrei Stefanescu

He was admitted in Film School UNATC where, after a few exercises made his first film, a 15 minute documentary about people that die without having identity papers on them, and how the system treats them. After that he started working in cinema, as assistant director and script supervisor, thus being expelled from school. Traveled two years through Europe working various little jobs to eat and live.
Returned in Romania in 2008, and started a series of short experimental documentaries about life as it is, in an aerie key. Interior Skies, about a big lake without water inside Bucharest. Returning, about a reversed trip during the night through little streets on Tibetan music. Triaj about train life and atmosphere on tracks. Minus about a very cold day in the winter, where everything was dreamlike and on the border of a very beautiful death.
Working again in Cinema, first as an extra then doing props and again script supervisor, writes screenplays for short and feature films, and in 2012 after completing a weird psychedelic script called Thraum, a fascinating and thrilling weird screenplay, finds people to make a simple no budget film called Sleep Awake and in the same year does a video performance film of 30 minutes called MENO, with dancers and Butoh dance in a ruin filled with plants and burned structures.
And then he wrote another weird film about emptiness and weird beings on earth called YCA.
And then he was invited by a dear dear friend in Berlin and made a film #BEINGS in 2015. A story about a girl that leaves from her destroyed love story to become an angel. To melt everything she ever was.