Vietati - graphic story

This is the first and only page out of the Graphic Story called BEINGS (Vietati). An abandoned project started in 2013.



The New Help
Junkies act like People
Fix no Cure
No moving parts - thinking about the tape, vinil, cassete, cd - now the sd cards - tehnology changes thinking, ch philosophy
Normative (roles the World)
Mistical intuition of scientific truth
brain areas/function
Morphic fields
Murdered sounds
No days no months no years
24 degrees celsius
People are toys
Intelectual fallacy

Only the recorded life is fufilling
(real) - bidemnsional reality
Humanist concuktion
Surface level
The 3rd chapter
Life is electronic
person and Place
Character and action
Fear made me selfish
I like pink foods
Carcasse mentaal
Erotic contact
After effect
I am not one of you
Anal chamber
Fixed matrix of spheres

Izometric - care pastreaza distanta a doua puncte oarecare - contractie a unui muschi fara ca acesta sa se poata scurta, raminind la aceeasi lungime
Have a break
I am not one of you
Safety sucks
I wanna be a sitting duck
The body manipulates the mind
Falling of the table
The Cheruvim robot in Eden
Infundat in gind
Pain is consequence
The un-reality of real life
Un tuned society
Anxiety events
Don't be afraid of the ugly
My brain is not active
Unificarea creierului mama
Art as pet
Last noun

Xxx Safety sucks - used