april facebook notes and thoughts

There is a new world out there and it needs new stories.
It needs a new, origin, raw, organic, mythology.

There would be no Paul Klee if we all would strive to speak to each other in the same language. There would be no new ways, no new emotions, no perspectiva on our own world.
We are in a continuous search for a better perspective, a wider view upon our immense complex inner/outher processual being.

We live in a constant state of mild addiction. There is no rationality.

When I write I disconnect from all is life.

The refinement process has 90% waste.

We follow those that do their thing with love.
No matter what they do.
Is a human weakness.
Is a human bias.
Those that find the way to do it with a lot of love.
No matter what, evil, trash, noise, ugliness, violence, hopelessness, lies, beauty, meaning, truth.
We are suckers for love.
For love and sugar.

Facebookul m-a ajutat enorm sa fac film, primele doua filme exista din cauza ca pe facebook am intilnit oamenii minunati care au crezut in proiectele Meno si DT, apoi tot cu facbookul am reusit sa gasesc oameni superbi in Berlin pentru Beings, tot prin facebook am gasit spatii superbe si chiar legatura cu Cinemateca Union pentru proiectii.
Fara Facebook nu as fi facut nimic. Si nu as face nimic.

Cu moartea pe moarte călcând.
Singurul lucru extraordinar este ca Iisus se duce în Iad sa facă acolo lumina.

E bătaie pe scaunul din colt.

There is always a relationship with the Self. We are never the self. There is always a relationship with all that we think we are, all that we feel, all that we want and fear. We are not one, but a great great network of inner ‪#‎beings‬. Nothing in itself.
There is never an absolute identification. tongue emoticon
There is always a relation with you deepest art and ideas.
That is why there is no truth, because there is only a relationship with the truth.
And a relationship is everytime dynamic and always changing and without identification, without definition.
Because there is no definition only a relation with a definition.
One exists only through its relations. More relations, more resolution.
Zero is one.
We are a picture, not a line. not a dot. But a multi layered painting.

I found myself more and more that I am mainly interested in ‪#‎sacred‬ art, in what gods do, in how gods are. And I begin to believe that gods are somehow our essence on which has grown the thick bush of this permanent dialogue with nature, with people, with the world.
And sometimes that essence is forgotten.
Maybe that is why Butoh, that is why porn, that is why nakedness, simplicity, sincerity, magic, documentary, non-styling, raw, chaotic, non-temporal, meta-realistic and whatever weird things I feel so necessary to be told.
It is not porn it is an essential, emotional way, a holistic way to show the root.
And about the darkness I think is about the thing that essence is somewhere hidden in darkness. So in darkness is always light. Is about the faint light in darkness. There is never complete darkness. Is all about the little light in the darkness.

And I am so afraid of telling people this. I prefer to let them think I am a dangerous suspicious pervert. Is much safer.

Why are Gods always represented naked?

We play on the natural ‪#‎incompatibility‬ between people.

Our intimacy is mainly linguistic.

I believe in the divine spark of the illiterate.

A lot of people ask from Art to give them beautiful things.
To help them find new beautiful things to feed their need for estetic enjoyment. Beauty is a kind of uncoscious assertion of new hope.
Well contemporary art tries to avoid Beauty because Art asks from the spectator to open his soul and mind and wake up. There is no necesity for hope. There is no necesity for
There the necesity to take hold of your own life. ANd stop living through other’s exprience. Art these days has a so different dialogue with spectators. There is no more a pasive realtionship. It is a dialogue. It requires you to think feel adapt, react in every moment.
The time of Beautiful Ailment is gone.
The time of enjoyment is gone.
Today Art is an instrument to dig deeper. To work more efficient in the exploration of Life and Human.

nu este vorba despre ‪#‎decency‬, ci despre ‪#‎dignity‬.
nu le confundati, nu le inlocuiti unul cu altul.
de prea multe ori oamenii cauta sa isi cistige decenta, crezind ca va ridica in ei si demnitatea.
mare mare capcana.
and ‪#‎they‬ know it.

Happiness burns.

Humanity is more important than life itself.
Is so easy to end poverty, but so endless difficult to show even to the highest of the people their own innate humanity.

Dehumanization take on two forms: animalistic dehumanization, which is employed on a largely intergroup basis, and mechanistic dehumanization, which is employed on a largely interpersonal basis.

it is about the idea that a being has an innate right to be valued, respected, and to receive ethical treatment…

I will always be grateful to the human kind for the discovery and passage from generation to generation of Love.
Maybe few feel, but in any moment we can lose it. We can forget about it, and maybe there will be thousands and thousands of years without it.

Is not about showing (enjoying) a great inspirational pianist.
But about showing the pain and trouble of becoming an inspirational pianist.

Have you ever felt that you have all the world inside of yourself? That it pours out in every word in every feeling in every gesture.
A small crossing between worlds.
From nowhere…
… into thingness.

I do not want to fight in the losing battle of making people see.
I myself couldn’t see for a long time.
This is not a revelation, is a long long training.
A training into uncertainty and the unknown.
A training of fearless abandonment.
Of opening up in front of death.
This is an extreme sport.
An extreme sport without any movement.
Is not about the body, is all about the soul.
Is not about Identity and Prestige, is all about the soul.
It hurts only for the contender to a Throne.

All my films are and will be of the ‪#‎fantasy‬ genre. Not medieval or extraterrestrial but contemporary and realistic. Is this maybe magic realism?

A mystic exploration into the fabric of reality.

How could you be truly happy and free without first murdering the one you were?

How can you understand life without meeting death. Without seeing life from outside it?

How can you begin to understand humans without firstly contesting all that you are beyond your sense of self?

All we look for is just ailment?
Are we so sick?

If nobody or nothing threatens our lives we should do it ourselves. There is so much wisdom hidden in dread.

Looking for beauty in undesirable places.

Inside intimacy there is no place to hide.
No place to turn your back.
No place to step back.

I am not interested in Social Issues. All issues that become Social are due to deep Ignorance and malformed Egos.
I am interested in spiritual and individual Issues.
I am interested in roots, essences and origins.
I think Mircea Eliade has a book about our insatiable need to forge our way back to Origins.
Pass the point zero in time.

I do dirty movies

I always thought myself somewhere between cinema and photography and painting. Somewhere between fiction and reality. Somewhere between real and emotional physics. Between Rational and Social logic. Somewhere between Western, Middle and Eastern cultures. Somewhere between Art and Entertainment. Between Weirdo and Normal. Between Life and Death.
And I thought I will be recognized as being all, but now I know better.
Everybody said – you are not one of us.
And they are so right because all this time I only said –
I am not one of you.

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