169. Ceea ce nu este trezie, nu este Artă.

ÎNTRU 2010 - experimental, 7'43"

"Life is an inner experience, spent in exteriors"


168. any new form of order is chaos
166. Dacă comuniștii erau de vină, de ce mirosea a pișat pe scările blocului?
165. I am a transparent being

Scrieri din FărăVoie - roman experimental


01 Contra-materie p1

Fapte 2009 – documentar, 9′ 05″

There are moments of time in which there is only peace. And those moments are the ones that touch our eyes sometimes and maybe further away...

Returning 2008 – scurt metraj experimental, 8′ 44″

If it were to be turning back - going forward for the rest of my life. Where is that I should get to...? How many times would I think 'I am going forward, I am going forward' ? How many times would I realize, I am returning...

No Man’s Land 2008 – ambient 7′

In a city there are few moments in which there is no one around. Few moments were there is only silence. Few moments where on the lands there lives no man.

Triaj 2009 – ambient, 4′

"A train station with no stops, a stop without a station."