156. All chaos can be only Organic.
155. It is so easy to learn, but so mysteriously complicated to unlearn.
154. Why the second is the smallest time division? The mind, the soul, use different time frames.
153. Chaos can be known only through order, and order only through chaos. Freedom can be known only through law. And law only through freedom.
152. Heaven is but an empty room, perfumed with compassion.
149. I am not a human, but a pile of states of consciousness.
148. Humans have lost their silence, they miss it a lot, but forgot what they have lost.
147. I live in hiding, I think in hiding, and feel in hiding too. The world I was born is defending itself from me. Condemning me, as often as possible, to death.
146. Infinitul Orașului este numai în Om.
137. We have a life in which we don't need a sky anymore.
136. Oamenii vor oameni.

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