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I write a lot of unmade projects.

de ce pornografia strica reputatia?
de ce orice activitate sexuala publica strica o reputatie?
ce este o reputatie de poate fi stricata astfel?
pe ce se construieste o reputatie? oare pe aceleasi false si comune pretentiozitati?
daca sint un mare pianist de concert, de ce nu pot sa apar intr-un film gay scat violent alegoric la lupta culturii impotriva violentei si vilificarii tandretei masculine?
reputatie - este un minunat titlu de film
impreuna cu titlul Ugly - la care ma tot gindesc astazi.
multumesc Cosmin pentru thought provocation

I still can't decide
To learn guitar and music
Or to explore it by myself
Append to tradition and good/best ways - append to their goals and values and forms
Or explore raw new unstable wrong ways?

Humanity is not the purpose of life.
But without humanity we couldn't miss the meaning of life.

Some art forms are not compatible with all cultures.
Those left outside globalization find difficult to understand and even cope with the new thinking, new feeling, new understanding of life.
Romania will never make it. We will remain eternal.
We live our live, our art is only about remembering spirit. Our tradition, our ancestry is not material, is only a very subtle feeling. A truth.
Romanians have the purest spirituality in the world. And you can understand it only in its absence.

un loc unde sa pot spune - veniti la mine

How many lives do you have?
How many lives do you want?

I will always be grateful to the human kind for the discovery and passage from generation to generation of Love.
Maybe few feel, but in any moment we can lose it. We can forget about it, and maybe there will be thousands and thousands of years without it.

I am good at being awkward.
I just don't yet understand what awkward is. Its isness. So I still fear it. And maybe that is why I do gay porn.

Don't let feelings boss you around.

I dont like the idea of sexy

Always look for good in people, help them do it, let them do it.
Never coerce people into doing things. Never buy people into doing things. Often it makes them harm.
It is your duty, everyone's duty to search and exploit each other's good.
Exploitation of the good in people not exploitation of the people.
I know it is always difficult to make the daily choice - should I sacrifice myself for another, or should I sacrifice another for myself.
I guess it is easier if you think about the good. The good in people. Even the most hidden one.

Is not only about strong emotions. Is about the most subtle as well.

How can you deal with that? Is the question to the wise. Is the mission of wisdom.

Truth is always dangerous.
Truth is always radical.
Everything else is good.

Facile and.... is the norm. Birth is a bad luck that happened to us and we only work to get through it as quickly and as painless as possible.

Feeling lonely among humans.

We are all such wimps. And if not wimps, then it means we are just woefully lame and small.

They invented Idealism only because Technicalities of making things always kill the soul and people became confused. Is there a soul? Why is everything so cluttered and muddy? Is there no soul?
So Idealism cleaned it all and said, yes there is the Soul, is just that all you do and are, dirty it, malformes it, and hides it. So you need to really really look for it to find it again.
Especially after 30 years old.

The curse of human race, to keep it all the time on the narrow, straight and middle. In the zero.

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